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Barcelona Taxi Service Business

Clientes del servicio de taxi para empresas en Barcelona

We have a special Taxi service for companies where you can set a fixed travel schedule. We have special packages for companies and freelancers.

Do not let an unexpected surprise you. Choose Taxi Barcelona BCN as regular travel provider and agree with us the terms of payment weekly or monthly.

trabajar en el taxi mientras viajo a una reunion

Work in comfort while travel by taxi in Barcelona. Prepare the final details of your meeting or interview in our comfortable and spacious taxis. You can work with your laptop or make calls without being disturbed by noise from the street.

In TaxiBarcelona BCN We are committed to our customers by providing quality service and professional treatment.

Remember we have a special taxi service for companies and organizations in Barcelona. Call us.

Courier and parcel. Fast and secure

servicio de paquetería urgente para empresas en Barcelona

You can hire us as a parcel agency. We have a courier and express parcel in Barcelona. So you can send urgent packages to your customers safely and quickly.

We make sure of his transportation package in Taxi Barcelona BCN. Buy our services with your agency and value our messaging job.Fast delivery time and security is our commitment.

entrega en mano de mensajeria por taxi

We deliver all packages on hand. Mail boxes, Gifts, flowers or any package in safe and confidential way to all Barcelona.

How do we work? We collect the package for the site that you tells us and we urgently bring it to your office or home.

Remember our pledge of confidentiality. We are a company with a high sense of responsibility. Compare our messaging services.

Customer Comments

  • recomendaciones de paqueteria por taxi en barcelonaJavier S. Pasta21:
    May, 2010

    We worked very comfortable with Taxi Barcelona BCN. We have relied on their service and they have never failed.

  • cliente de mensajeria por taxi en barcelonaNuria G. Advocats:
    April, 2010

    With Taxi Barcelona BCN We send documents and contracts to our customers. They are professional, trustworthy people.

  • recomendamos taxi barcelona bcnSilvia P. SGS:
    November, 2009

    Whenever we need them they are nearby. Good logistics parnter.

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Barcelona, your city!

"Barcelona offers a full range of activities. You can stroll down the Ramblas or enjoy an afternoon at a beach bar in Barceloneta. BCN Barcelona Taxi will always be close to get you where you need "

Cristian M. Director of TaxiBarcelonaBCN»